Destination Wedding Trends and Ideas

When planning a destination wedding most of the time the newlyweds have a goal to have their destination be a tropical paradise. But many people are blinded with the idea of a beach wedding by thinking their wedding has to take place on the beach. A beach wedding is absolutely gorgeous but it not everyone’s taste and you still want that beachy feel. Well a beach wedding is very much possible to achieve without the beach. Instead of a beach wedding we’ll call it a wedding overlooking paradise.

There are plenty of hotels that have excellent restaurants that supply enough space for your guests to come inside and enjoy the beauty. With the open feel of the room that is decorated beautifully to your requests. As you absorb the entire room you automatically gravitate towards the breath taking view of the white sandy beach, as the turquoise water hits the shore. As the night sky falls upon you and your guests the serenity of the beach remains, but now instead of the sun shining high and bright in the sky there’s the stars that glisten all around you.

Now for those that want to feel on top of the world, a roof top wedding is just for you. Enjoying the glorious outside breeze against your face and the view is to die for. You’ll literally feel as if you’re cascading over your paradise island and feel one with your surroundings. You will feel as if the fun could never end on this rooftop extravaganza with all your friends and family there with you. You could never feel the darkness of the night come upon your wedding because the light shining off the moon and the stars is more than enough to guide you through the rest of your night.

As you could see the options enjoying a destination wedding as endless and the ways to avoid the beach for the official big day are very doable. Just remember to make forever lasting memories for you to always just look back on and smile.