2017 Destination Wedding Trends

beach wedding

beach wedding

Wedding fever is in the air with the start of 2017 with a ton of millennials popping the question to their future soul mate. Now that the hard part of praying she says yes is out of the way it’s time to start planning the most joyous day of your life. Along with the new year there is new wedding trends that every 2017 bride should know to make planning the big day a bit easier!

Peaceful destination wedding glam!!! This style wedding is all based on a tranquil environment for you and your guests to enjoy. With wide open space it provides a harmonious time and would leave everyone there breathless because of its beauty. Colors to stick with should be soft like a blush pink, ivory, and neutrals and along with the use soft fabrics. The flowers should stick to the same color code and be not outlandishly large but a nice enough size bundle to make you feel drawn to them. If we could classify this kind of wedding as anything it would be a “Zen Glam” vibe.

The guest list has certainly dwindled down in size. Brides and grooms are finding that by doing a destination wedding provides a way for them to keep their wedding somewhat intimate. Really only your close friends and close family members wind up attending the wedding and making an awesome vacation out of it for themselves! Which is awesome cause you know you only want the people who truly know and love you to surround you and the groom to give off a ton of positive energy.

Rooftop weddings are lit!!! once you say rooftop you know you’re going to have a blast for yourself. After a quiet and elegant ceremony at sunset on a white sandy beach and hearing the water come in out of the shore it’s time to let loose and go on the roof!! A bride could really decorate this however she pleases, but what is being done by brides is they are making a mixture of a sort of clubby environment but keeping it classy. This is done so by incorporating your wedding colors in the accents and flowers also having a ton of fun entertainment to keep everyone on their feet and awe at all the incredible things you have planned for your guests!

Ultimately 2017 millennials are breaking from tradition and make their day how they wish. All this is more than accomplished with a destination wedding and it’s not just a few hours to enjoy and cherish, but it’s a 3-till whenever you want to leave amount of unforgettable memories! So never fear brides you’ve come to the right place cause Landmark Destination Weddings is going to make your dream day come true!!!