A thought from Our Client – Landmark Destination Weddings 2016


I was on the fence about planning a destination wedding.

What does it entail, being that the location is so far away????  Will anyone come????  How much is it to stay at these breathtaking properties????  ETC….

My nights were full of worries and anxiety and I hadn’t even started to plan my wedding, this was all just leading up to it.

My very levelheaded fiancé (now my husband) said to me, “Let’s go talk to someone who may be able to put some of these concerns to ease.”  And we did.

First, we used a professional whom specialized in Destination Weddings.  She practically interviewed us to see which property would fit both us and our guests.

Questions were asked like….

What is your budget?  (The biggest question because, I don’t know about you but there was no money tree in my backyard!)

How many guests do you expect to attend?  Is it family, friends or a good combination?  Are there elderly guests that will need a less spread out resort?

Our wedding needed special food accommodations, not every resort can or will be able to handle that aspect.

Once she was done, it was clear that a destination wedding could be done and maybe with more ease than our married friends had in planning their local weddings!  If you can believe that!!!

Most resorts have a wedding planner!  Along with my “expert” agent, whom both worked closely with us, they held my hand when I needed them to and I felt like I was able to ask even the “stupidest” of questions.   If I had an idea or had seen something online, I’d send an image and somehow it came to fruition.  (Who does that! LOL)

The point that I am trying to make is that, my dream wedding came to be and it wasn’t the crazy that I had in my mind.   Sit down and talk to someone whom knows, and not just knows because they had one or attended one but are involved in planning multiple destination weddings.  They are the experts for a reason!!!

In case you are looking to plan your own destination wedding or honeymoon….

I used Landmarkdestinationweddings.com, I’m sure any one of their agents can assist.