Decorating for a Beach Wedding

Here you are facing an empty beach…. “How am I decorating a beach?” I know what you’re thinking but just stop in your tracks now and have a calm and clear mind to fill up with new ideas for your beach wedding. You are working with an open palette!

For the bridal party to walk down the isle there can be a path cleared of the sand and make it easy for you to walk down. Do you want to add an aisle runner? There are so many options to choose from such as a wooden plank, a just runner or even a bright red carpet. As you walk down you can have a gorgeously decorated gazebo and in the background the crystal clear ocean. Have you thought of a hanging chandelier or a gazebo decorated with flowers and foliage? Keep in mind the time of day.. will the sun be shining down on you and your guests, why not add a covered option? Keep in mind beauty and comfort, Along with a crisp breeze from the ocean to make it enjoyable for everyone – you have an open palette!

Flowers, when having a beach wedding you want do you want to have bright colorful flowers along the sides of the aisle, thinking more neutral tones or a nautical tone – it’s all doable. There is plenty of room to allow for color. You do not have to feel confined to have use tropical flowers ask the hotel and or wedding coordinator about your flower and décor options, you might be surprised by the array of options.

When having more of a sunset wedding you can still absolutely have it on the beach; but a little different of ideas come to mind. You’ll still have the gorgeously decorated gazebo instead twinkly lights draping down from the gazebo. For your walk down the aisle staying with one colored flower is an option that might work or have you thought of switching it up completely by doing  candles in lanterns to help you guide your way to the love of your life.

What we are trying to say is you’ve chosen a beach ceremony, where there is no “vanilla box” or decor to inhibit your vision, you have nothing but a big beautiful sky and an endless azure ocean… run with it and make it your own.