You are newly engaged to the love of your life and I’m sure your thinking of a destination wedding but don’t know how or where to start… Well if your reading this blog then you’ve already begun the process and on your way to your dream wedding!!! Welcome to Landmark Destination Weddings our team of skilled agents also known as memory makers are here to make your life Easy Peasy!

Of course you should be thinking of the perfect location for your wedding whether it be Mexico, Dominican Republic, Jamaica and so on. These locations offer the best prices for you and your guests, also provides plenty of excursion opportunities! Consider a location that really speaks to you and your significant other, pick the place that you will remember forever it’s okay to be a little selfish for your wedding!!

As your making your guest list of all your bridal party members, family and friends but you’re going to need to get each person’s/ groups email address. By gaining this information it allows for you and us to keep in contact with your guests about dates, rates, and other important information.

You’re also going to have to make a website that contains all the important information regarding your wedding. A unique tool of making a website through us is that it allows your guests to make payments for their reservation at their leisure before the final due date!

This may sound like a lot but you could do this! Don’t sweat the small stuff ladies and gents each step will just lead you closer down the aisle before ya know it!!

Congrats and Good luck!!!