Fun reasons to consider planning a Destination Wedding…

Fun reasons to have a Destination Wedding…
We have a few little secret to share: With so many obvious reasons to wed away, we thought we would share some not so obvious ones….

How about 96 hours of fun?!?! We consider a local wedding a day of work… from early morning to late evening the couple is on call, stand here, tilt your head, say hello, fix the seating chart… the list goes on – we consider it a 14 hour work day and did you even eat??  One reason destination weddings are popular is because they allow the couple to enjoy time before and after the actual wedding day with the guests.. so much so that the wedding actually becomes the back drop. Just think you won’t have to greet everyone  because they are there already!

Ditch the Bow-tie and Stilettos… if you want to!!  Destination Wedding tends to be less starched with a much more casual feel.  It doesn’t mean you can’t wear the wedding gown of your dreams… you just get to do it in a more relaxed setting.

“Say Cheese” and not have to travel – Most often the couple has to scout out the best location somewhere between the venues for photos.  Not with a destination wedding… most times the best pictures are taken right at the resort.

Planning 101 – A Destination wedding saves time and makes planning easy. Couples who wed away get good at making quick decisions — and the resorts make life simple. Instead of going to dozens of showcases, florists, music interviews and cake tastings – decide on your details virtually either with your wedding coordinator or directly with the vendor.

Have a honeymoon or two – those who choose to wed away often stay a few days later to enjoy time as a married couple, you’ve already paid the expense of getting there make the most of it! But that doesn’t mean you can’t also plan an actual honeymoon just after or a few months later.