Honeymoon Planning – Start Early!

Wondering how you are going to find time to plan the wedding and still get the honeymoon you have always dreamed of? My advice is keep it simple and ask for help! Luckily, honeymoon planning (with the help of a Landmark Travel Specialist) can be easy and fun. To keep the juggling act at a minimum, I suggest that you start planning the honeymoon early before you can do much of the wedding planning.

We can help you either narrow down your options to get what you want or even to suggest somewhere that wasn’t even on your radar. Getting the best honeymoon can be as simple as letting us get to know you. Like is this your first big trip out of the country. Do you love adventure and thrive amazing experiences? Are looking for exquisite food and luxurious accommodations? Doing nothing on the beach is your idea of the perfect honeymoon. Whatever your dream or preferences are…let us know we can get you there!

Get your passport now in order to save yourself the stress of worrying if you will get it in time. Did you know…That the 10th anniversary (January 1, 2007) of when passports became mandatory for travel to Mexico, the Caribbean and Central American is quickly approaching. What that means to you is there will be a surge in applications, requiring up to 16 weeks or more to receive a new passport. This delay will affect renewal passports as well. Make sure you check your passport expiration because most all countries require that you have at least 6 months left on your passport.

Starting early can help you enjoy the process of honeymoon planning. We are ready help you get the honeymoon of your dreams.