Let’s face the hard truth: weddings are expensive. If you’re willing to put the time and effort to save a couple hundred bucks, DIY is the right fit for you. But we’ve seen DIY weddings done correctly, and not so correctly… There are a few aspects of your wedding that you can afford to do it yourself. But, there are also a few pivotal areas of a wedding that may just be disastrous if you try the DIY path.

Areas where DIY fits:

Makeup- If you know your way around the MAC or sephora stores, you can probably afford to do your own makeup for the wedding. However, beware of looking washed out in photos. We suggest a trial run with a friend!

Decor- Let’s make this a bit more specific! There are some décor elements, for example the ceremony, that are very simple for DIY (especially if the ceremony space holds its own in the beauty category). But if you’d like to go beyond that and do some reception décor on your own, we suggest something on a smaller scale, try seating cards! Leave the bigger design elements (flowers in your centerpieces) to a florist, unless you are a florist, in which case, flower away!

Anything Printed- This includes but are not limited to: signs, save-the-dates, formal invitations, programs. There are areas that you can afford to do yourself if you are handy with word documents and card stock!

Favors- Although these will probably be the most time consuming, purchasing your favors in bulk through an online store (we love Etsy.com) and creating the favors yourself will not save you money, but its one of the simpler DIY tasks.

Areas where DIY is not a good idea:

Cake- Unless you are a professional baker, cake is usually a great visual for any wedding. Creating a traditional three-tiered wedding cake look (fondant and all!) might prove to be very challenging.

Photos- For photos, its all about the quality. Sure, you could give your cousin Mike a camera and ask him to snap some photos, but be prepared because you might just get what you pay for with that one!

Music- Music provides the main entertainment for the wedding. Essentially, you could make a few playlists and rent some decent speakers. However, DJs are trained to read the crowd, and they bring a significant amount of energy to any event.