Packing for a Destination Wedding

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destination wedding , packing tips

Packing, Packing, Packing!!!

Packing is always tough, sometimes daunting for your Destination Wedding.  The Landmark team recommends making a list, keep it handy and add or cross off as needed.  Trust us this takes away some of the stress.  After all your plan is to vacation, enjoy the beach, spend time with your friends and family and to enjoy your trip.  

Take the time to organize yourself, make that LIST!  You have everything set in your mind… You’ve got the perfect spot picked out, the attire is in order and most importantly, your fiancé! But there is something nagging you… all the little details.. what if you forget something?!?!?!  Here’s a check list of the little essentials that most destination wedding couples overlook, and remember this is a DIY Survival Kit that you can set up months before when you’re in a bit of a lull in the planning stages and just before the rush starts! While you’re at it consider buying extra for your guest’s welcome bags!

Reposible bottle(s), Nail polish, Folding scissors, Tooth picks, Bobby pins, Tide to Go, Nail file, Hair spray, Tweezers, Mirror, Safety pins, Q-Tips, Eye drops, Dental floss, Hand sanitizer, Nail polish remover, Breath mints, Makeup wipes and Band-Aids.

P.S. Don’t forget your passport!