Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica

Recently I stayed at Secrets Papagayo in Costa Rica. This was my 1st time ever being there , which is crazy for me as I travel all the time!

The airport was just like any tropical destination. It was open air with large fans and HOT! Once you exit the airport we looked for the transfer company to take us to our hotel. While waiting outside he told us all about his beautiful country and how the saying in Costa Rica is Pura Vida, which means Pure Life. They use that to greet you and you pretty much say have a great day.

Once we arrived to Secrets we were in awe on how lush and beautiful the property was. The lobby was an open air concept that overlooked the amazing water with lush mountains in the background. The colors were vibrant and made you feel welcomed to their hotel. This hotel has two sections which end of being Preferred and Standard Bungalows. We were lucky enough to stay in the Preferred Section. This means that we have a private lounge for check in , check out , personalized service , snacks , games and so much more. This category also gave us better room locations which made everything a lot closer for walking purposes.

The rooms were individual bungalows that were very spacious with great views. The shower had a window that you could see the ocean and all the beautiful landscaping this country had to offer. Once you were out of the room there was a lot of walking. This hotel was built into the mountains. The hills were large and never ending as well as steep but I guess it was a good workout after all the eating and drinking we did being that this resort was an All Inclusive property. Another great thing was it was an Adults Only resort. This meaning no one under the age of 18 yrs. old was there which makes it for a nice relaxing atmosphere.

The pool was nice and relaxing with a pool bar and tons of lounge chairs with umbrellas around. They had beds by the pool that you could reserve 24 hrs. prior if you wanted to have complete shade from the sun. The pool bar was right there as well as all the restaurants. This hotel had 4 restaurants which ranged from Italian to Japanese food with tons of choices to choose from. I do have to mention though our favorite food / drink place at this resort was CoCo Café. This little café had all types of coffee drinks with little sandwiches and cookies for that mid-day snack that everyone always craves.

Honesty I could go on and on about this resort but I think you should go experience it for yourself ! Go and have a great time and don’t forget PURA VIDA !

Toni Romeo
Event Specialist