Planning your honeymoon can oftentimes be much more exciting than planning for the big day! But with the days dwindling before the wedding, you may find yourself stressing about your post-wedding nuptials. Read on for some great honeymoon planning tips that will help you find and book the vacation of your dreams.

Budget Your Options

The first step in planning a honeymoon is to make a budget. You will easily be able to narrow down some choices if they’re way too far out of your price range! This is also the time to start looking for special pricing options on locales you may be interested in.

Consider the Time of Year

You may have narrowed down your choices, but you still can’t decide between the pearly white Caribbean beaches or the lush Irish countryside. Use the time of year to help you make a decision. Carribean high season is in the winter months of December to May, with warm but not too hot temperature averages and mild weather. You may not want to vacation to Aruba during the summer, when hurricane season is in full force! Europe, on the other hand, is the opposite in terms of its high season. As for most Asian countries, the best time to fly is between November to February, as the other times of the year can be hot and rainy!

Do Your Homework

Even after you’ve decided where you’ll be going, you still have lots of homework to do in preparation for the trip. First, you’ll need to obtaining a passport if you don’t have one already, and apply for a visa if necessary. Then you should think about transportation. You may not need any if you’re staying at a resort that has a shuttle to and from the airport, but you’ll need to double check.

Focus on the Fun!

After you’ve gotten the details out of the way, you can focus on the fun stuff and start planning your activities. A few months before takeoff, you should look into booking exclusive dinner reservations, spa appointments, museum trips, scuba diving excursions, or whatever floats your boat! You don’t want to book too much, as you may just want to relax after a long planning process. But finding out the details and booking activities in advance means less waiting in line on the actual honeymoon!

Pack Properly

The last step to planning for your honeymoon is to pack, and not at the last minute, either! At least a month before the honeymoon, you should begin to start thinking about things you’ll need to take with you. This is the time to fill your prescriptions so that you won’t run out on your trip and determine if you’ll need new clothes, a new camera, or luggage. Once you’ve shopped for everything you’ll need, the packing begins! When packing your suitcase, remember to put all of the heavy items on the bottom and lighter objects on top.  For your carry on, bring items that you often forget as well as a change of clothes, essential toiletries, your cell phone and wallet, and important documents. Then sit back and enjoy the plane ride!

As always, make sure to make a packing and planning checklist before you embark on your dream honeymoon. You should also try to carry some local currency before you arrive in another country, and remember to bring all important documents and phone numbers with you. For expert advice on planning for your honeymoon, talk to one of the travel specialists at Landmark Destination Weddings. They can help you take the stress out of planning and ensure that your trip is nothing short of amazing!